Innovative Office Products LCD Monitor Arm 9103 User Manual

Innovative Office Products Monitors

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LCD Monitor Arm

Model No. 9103


The IOP Monitor Arm Model 9103 comes in three parts.
Each component is sold separately.

1. Mount assembly (instructions enclosed separately)
2. Monitor Arm assembly
3. Adapter Bracket

The Monitor Arm is easily assembled following these simple

Be sure the mount is securely fastened to the surface
before beginning.

Step 1 Attaching the Arm to the Mount

Once the mount is secure, insert the shaft of the LCD Arm into the
mount as shown below in Illustration 1 (Mounts will vary).

Illustration 1

Step 2 Attaching the Tilter to the Adapter Bracket

Carefully remove the base from the flat panel monitor. For removal
instructions, see your Flat Panel User’s Guide.

If the adapter bracket is already attached to the tilt mechanism,
skip this step and continue with step 3.

If the adapter bracket is not attached to the tilt mechanism, attach it
using the (4) 1/4-20 x 1/2 Philips Pan Head Screws as shown
below in Illustration 2.

Illustration 2

Step 3 Attaching the Adapter Bracket to the Flat Panel

Align the tilter and adapter bracket with the hole pattern on the
back of your LCD. Use the (4) four M4-12 Philips Pan Head
Screws to attach the plate to the back of the monitor. See the
lllustration 3 below.

NOTE: If the bracket does not line up with the hole

pattern on the back of your monitor, please
contact our customer service department.

Slide the titler shaft into the hole in the end of the forearm, as
shown in Illustration 4 below.

Illustration 4

Fine Tuning Your Arm

Adapter Bracket





Illustration 3


1/4-20 x 1/2


Step 1 Adjusting the Tilt Friction

Tilt the monitor to the preferred angle of viewing and tighten the
Friction Knob.

Friction Knob

Be sure the LCD tilts with resistance.

Not enough friction may cause

the monitor to fall forward

without stopping, possibly

damaging your monitor.

Tilter Shaft