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Card Reading

Reading Magnetic Strips:

The Linēa-pro 4 has a built-in magnetic card reader. The card reader
incorporates a (3) track magnetic read head requiring a single swipe to
read field data from all three tracks.

The magnetic read head faces up towards the top of the cradle. When
placing the card into the reader, the magnetic strip must be facing up as
shown in the figure below. Keep the edge of the card flat on the inner
base of the reader to ensure that the magnetic strip passes over the
read head evenly.

Swipe direction

Figure 12

User Notes:

To use the magnetic card reader feature, special software must be used
to read and process the card information. Please consult your reseller if
this software is available or contact Infinite Peripherals for
recommendations on compatible third party software solutions.

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Page 16

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