Infinite Peripherals OPL-2724 User Manual

Opl-2724 quick start, Voqs

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OPL-2724 Quick Start

About Your OPL-2724:

The OPL-2724 scanner is a breakthrough in affordable wireless laser scanning. The scanner has the
scanning performance of more expensive laser scanners, the convenience of hand-held portability, and the

advantage of Bluetooth


wireless technology.

Pairing Overview:

Depending on the type of device to be connected to the OPL-2724, the steps to connect using Bluetooth


could be slightly different. Follow the steps below to pair your scanner to your device.

[Step 1] – Discovery Mode

To pair the scanner with device, place the scanner into Discovery mode. Press and hold the scan button
for approximately 3 seconds until the scanner beeps or the blue LED starts flashing.

[Step 2] – Add Scanner to Bluetooth Manager

To add the scanner to your Bluetooth


device, open the Bluetooth


Manager or Bluetooth


Option on the

device. Select Add Device or Discover Device depending on the type of device you are using. Select the
scanner ID “OPL-2724_IP” from the list of nearby devices before continuing.

When prompted to enter a Passkey, enter the value “0000”.

[Step 3] – Loading Scanner Driver

For details on loading scanner drivers refer to the scanner’s user manual or the driver’s user manual.

Un-pairing Scanner:

The OPL-2724_IP Bluetooth


scanner stores the previously paired device information internally. If the

scanner needs to be paired to another device, scan the un-pair barcode below to clear the previously
paired device from the scanner’s flash memory.



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