JobSite Systems LSW-6.5 User Manual

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10. Attach the frame to the bracket by

screwing the frame to the bracket using
the supplied screws. NOTE: Do not over
tighten the screws, this will distort the
frame and the grille will not fit

11. The screws should pull the frame and

bracket together (sandwiching the
drywall) so that the frame is flush with
the wall surface.

12. Strip 1/4” of insulation from the end of

each wire.

13. Tightly twist the end of each wire until

no frayed ends remain.

14. Attach the speaker wires to the speaker

terminal connectors. Connect the
negative output from the amplifier to the
black terminal. Connect the positive
output from the amplifier to the red

15. Insert the speaker into the frame and

snap it into place. See figure 2.

16. Optional: If you are located in an

earthquake zone or want the added
security of screwing the speaker baffle
to the frame, follow the Important Safety
Instructions on page 5.

17. Repeat steps 1-16 for each speaker

being installed.

18. After making tonal adjustments on all

speakers (LSW-6.5 only), install the grille
into the speaker.

Installation New Construction:

The speaker brackets should be installed
prior to the drywall.

1. Attach the wings to the bracket by

snapping them into the sides of the
bracket. (See Figure 1). To shorten the
wings, break them along the scored lines.

2. The wings and brackets have centering

lines to simplify placement of the speaker.

3. Use a tape measure to locate and center

the brackets in the wall.

4. Mark each speaker location with a


5. Screw one side of the assembled bracket

with wings to the joist using one of the
supplied screws.

6. Screw the other side of the bracket/wing

assembly to the joist. Two screws on
each side make for a very secure

7. Secure the wire to the bracket using the

bracket’s wire tie.

Figure 3

Break away two of the outer

mounting tabs on the side

you wish to affix.


screw hole

for butting





Figure 2

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