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4. Continue listening to your favorite

music and movie sources. If you want
a more solid-sounding bass (with less
overtones), try moving the LOW PASS
control toward the lower
frequencies. Experiment with different
frequency settings until you find one
that sounds best. If needed, readjust the
LEVEL control (see step 3).

5. Continue listening to your favorite

music and movie sources using the
appropriate setting for LEVEL SETUP.
Try experimenting with the PHASE
control until you find its optimum setting.
Depending on the LSS-10 and LSS-12
placement, the bass should sound more
pronounced when the phase has been

Checking Phase on the

Satellite Loudspeakers

Loudspeaker wire has two conductors. On
applications with satellite loudspeakers,
one conductor is attached to a component’s
negative (–) terminal, while the other is
attached to a component’s positive (+)
terminal. Usually, the wire is marked for your
convenience, but the marking can be done
in the following different ways:

Stripe on one wire

Ribbed area you can feel on one

Different colors of metal wire on each

Fabric strand or string wound into one of
the conductors

Of course, there are some wires that appear
completely identical. If wired incorrectly,
one satellite loudspeaker will be playing
“out-of-phase” with the other loudspeaker.

A pair of out-of-phase loudspeakers works
against each other, and the sound of the
two playing together will be lacking in bass
and sound “phasey.” If you suspect the
sound is not right, and you cannot see any
markings on the wire, try this simple test:
1. Stand halfway between the satellite


2. Play some music with the amplifier or

receiver set to Mono.

3. Listen to the richness of the bass and the

loudness of the sound.

4. Turn off the amplifier and reverse the

connections on the LSS-10 and LSS-12
SPEAKER OUT binding post.

5. Repeat the listening test with the same

volume control setting. When the sound
has a richer bass and is slightly louder,
the satellite loudspeakers are working
together or “in-phase.”

Installing and Removing the


To install the grille, start with the top two
grille posts and gently press the grille
frame in at each of the five recessed
holes. When properly installed, the grille
will be approximately 2 to 3 mm away
from the cabinet along the sides.

To remove the grille, start with the bottom
grille posts and gently pull the grille frame
away from the LSS-10 and LSS-12’s edge
at each of the five recessed holes. Store
the grille in a safe place for future use.


Use a dampened soft cloth or paper towel
to clean the cabinet and grille.


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