John Deere 335D User Manual

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• Replace hydraulic tank breather filter

• Check engine valve clearance

• Replace hydraulic oil return filters

• Check swing bearing mounting cap screws (torque if required)

• Lubricate rotary manifold

• Take engine oil sample

• Replace engine air filters

• Drain and refill swing gear case oil

• Check fire extinguisher gauge (inside cab-left side)—if equipped

• Check coolant

• Lubricate swing gear case

• Replace engine crankshaft dampener

Every 2000 Hours

Every 4000 Hours

• Drain and refill hydraulic oil

• Clean case drain return screen

• Take engine coolant sample

• Replace pilot filter

• Check/change cab recirculation air filter

• Add coolant extender as indicated by COOLGARD™ II test strips

Every 100 Hours

Every 1000 Hours

Initial Service - 250 Hours


• Drain and refill engine oil and replace filter

• Drain and refill engine oil and replace filter

• Drain and refill swing gear case oil

• Check windshield washer fluid level

Every 6000 Hours

• Drain, flush, and refill cooling system

• Check and clean radiator and oil cooler fins

Every 250 Hours

• Take diesel fuel sample

• Lubricate swing bearing and pinion

• Check swing gear case oil level

• Check hydraulic oil level

• Lubricate stabilizer and stabilizer cylinder pins

As Required

• Check/change fresh air filter

• Check/clean engine air filter and dust valve

• Lubricate boom (hoist), stick (jib) and cylinder pivots

• Check engine oil level

• Lubricate grapple rotator and pins

• Check battery electrolyte level

• Check engine fan belt

335D and 437D

• Check and drain fuel/water separator

Every 10 Hours or Daily

• Check engine coolant level

• Replace fuel filters

Every 500 Hours

• Take hydraulic oil sample

• Take swing gear case oil sample

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