Jensen Heavy Duty JHDATVK User Manual

Jhdatvk, Installation instructions

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JHDRMT - Rack Mount for the JENSEN MINI Radio


1. Remove the 2 Clamp Bolts, using the supplied 5/32” hex key, separate the clamp and place the bottom half under the rack where

you want to locate the mount on the rack.

2. Place the top half of the clamp on the rack and install the Clamp Bolts. Tighten until you cannot move the clamp assembly.


The top plate of the JHDRMT can be mounted using any one of the three mounting holes across the top of the plate, for added flexibility.

The mount comes fully assembled utilizing the center mounting hole and may not need to be changed. This will depend on the location you chose to attach

the mount to the rack and where you want the radio to be placed.

To adjust the angle of the Top Plate:

1. Slightly loosen the three Small Silver Set Screws in the Ball-Socket under the Top Plate, using the supplied 1/8” Hex Key.

2. Position the Top Plate to the desired angle and then re-tighten all three equally.

To lock the ball in place, tighten the Black Set Screw. To move or adjust the angle again, the Black Set Screw must be loosened.


The Base Pivot can be turned to any direction needed.

1. Remove the Shaft Bolt holding the Shaft onto the Base Pivot using the supplied 3/16” hex key. Lift the Shaft straight out.

This allows access to the 1/8” Base Pivot Bolt inside the Base Pivot.

2. Loosen the Base Pivot Bolt using the supplied 1/8” hex key enough to lift the Base Pivot and clear the locking pin on the top of the clamp.

Turn to the desired location and make sure that the locking pin is in one of the locking holes on the bottom of the Base Pivot before tightening

the Base Pivot Bolt.


At this point you should be able to determine the position of the Top Plate. Once you are satisfied that you have positioned the mount

exactly where you want it, it is time to mount the JHD MINI radio.

1. Using the 4 M4 machine screws that were included with the JHD MINI, attach the radio to the Top Plate matching up the 4 holes on the back

of the radio to the 4 holes on the top Plate (AMPS Pattern).

Complete the radio installation per the instructions included with the JENSEN JHD MINI Radio. Contact the vehicle manufacturer for advice regarding

the best location for Power and Ground connections.

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Installation Instructions

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