Care and maintenance, Humidifying filter – Sharp Air Purifier with Humidifying Function KC-830U User Manual

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Frequency of maintenance cycle will depend on the hardness or the impurities of the water that

you use; the harder the water the more often descaling will be necessary.
Pay attention not to spill water when cleaning the fi lter.


Remove the Water Tank and

Humidifying Tray.

(See E-15)


Remove the Humidifying filter

from the Humidifying Tray.

Avoid spilling water from the Humidifying



Preparing the descaling solu-


Citric acid, available at some drugstores,

or 100 % bottled lemon juice are used for

descaling. Choose either one to use, and

prepare the descaling solution.
<For using citric acid>

Dissolve 3 teaspoons of citric acid and 2

1/2 cups of lukewarm water in a suitable

container, and stir well.
<For using lemon juice>

100 % bottled lemon juice can be used

for descaling. Use only 100 % bottled

lemon juice with no pulp (strain juice if

necessary). Combine 1/4 cup lemon juice

and 3 cups of lukewarm water in a con-

tainer large enough to hold the Humidify-

ing fi lter and stir well.


When using lemon juice, it is recommend-

ed to pre-soak longer than citric acid.


Rinse the Humidifying fi lter re-

peatedly with lukewarm water

to remove all the solution resi-


Inadequate rinsing may cause odor and

affect the performance and/or appear-

ance of the unit.
* Do not scrub the Hu-

midifying filter, rinse

gently under lukewarm

water only.


Attach the Humidifying fi lter to

the Humidifying Tray, and re-

place the Humidifying Tray in

the unit.

•The Humidifying filter does not need

t o b e o r i e n t e d i n a n y p a r t i c u l a r

position(forward/backward, up/down)


Plug in the unit, turn power

ON, and press the Filter Reset

Button on the display for more

than 3 seconds to reset.


Care Cycle

Once a month or when the Filter Indicator Light is on.

Pre-soak the Humidifying filter

in the solution for 30 minutes

before cleaning.


You may notice reddish-brown or

white deposits forming on the surface

of the Humidifying fi lter. These impuri-

ties (calcium, etc.) are due to the im-

purities contained in tap water; this is

not a defect. Replace the Humidifying

fi lter when it is covered completely in

white deposits.

•When not using

the unit for a long

period of time,

dry the Humidi-

fying filter com-

p l e t e l y b e f o r e


When cleaning the unit, be sure to fi rst unplug the power cord, and never handle the plug with

wet hands. Electrical shock and/or bodily injury may occur as a result.