Sundance Spas ST201 User Manual

St201 fast ethernet mac, Sundance technology

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Fast Ethernet MAC

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Sundance Technology



Rev: A


November 1998



Single chip 10/100BASE, half or full duplex
Ethernet Media Access Controller

IEEE 802.3u compliant MII

IEEE 802.3x full duplex flow control

PCI Bus master scatter/gather DMA on any
byte boundary

On-chip transmit and receive FIFO buffers

On-chip LED drivers

Power management capabilities for ACPI
1.0 compliant systems

WakeOnLAN support

Management statistics gathering

IP multicast receive and filter support using
64 bit hash table

Receive early interrupt

Transmit polling

Auto pad insertion for short packets

Programmable minimum Inter Packet Gap

Programmable transmit and receive FIFO

On-chip crystal oscillator

3.3V CMOS with 5V tolerant I/O



m technology

128-pin PQFP


The ST201 is a single-chip, full duplex, 10/
100Mbps Ethernet MAC incorporating a 32-bit PCI
including bus master support. The ST201 is
designed for use in a variety of applications rang-
ing from workstation NICs, networking equipment
such as switches or routers, and other systems uti-
lizing a PCI bus which require network connectivity
to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet LAN.

The ST201 includes a PCI bus interface unit, IEEE
802.3 compliant MAC, transmit and receive FIFO
buffers, IEEE 802.3u compliant MII, serial Electri-
cally EEPROM interface, expansion ROM inter-
face, and LED drivers.

The ST201 implements a rich set of control and
status registers. Accessible via the PCI interface,
these registers provide a host system visibility into

the features and operating state of the ST201. Net-
work management statistics are also recorded, and
host access to registers of the PHY device are
facilitated through the ST201’s PCI interface.

The ST201 supports several features for use in
“Green PCs” or systems where control over system
power consumption is desired. The ST201 sup-
ports several power down states, and the ability to
issue a system “wake event” via reception of
unique, user defined Ethernet frames. In addition,
the ST201 can assert a wake event in response to
changes in the Ethernet link status.