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4. Pairing the Aura Mobile BT™ with a Mobile Phone

Make sure that your AMBT™ is powered on.
• Power on your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone.
To switch to Bluetooth® mode and connect to a

Bluetooth® mobile phone, press and hold the

Mode button until a chime sounds. Release .

• Press and hold the Mode button on your AMBT™.

DO NOT release the Mode button until you hear

a two note chime. The “Bluetooth” indicator will

flash BOTH blue and amber. The AMBT™ is now

ready for pairing.

NOTE: If no connection is established with a Bluetooth®

mobile phone within 60 seconds, the AMBT™ will switch

to idle mode, signaled by a flashing amber “Bluetooth”

light. In this case, you must hold the button for 3

seconds until the “Bluetooth” light flashes blue and

a tone sounds. Next, hold the button once again

until the “Bluetooth” light flashes both blue and amber.
• Follow your mobile phone’s instruction guide to

connect to a Bluetooth® device. Typically, you will

click on a Bluetooth® icon and click “Discover device.”

• Your mobile phone should find the AMBT™ which is

displayed as “BTHS”.

• Click on “BTHS” and click “OK” if your phone prompts

you to confirm.

• Your mobile phone will then prompt you to enter a

PIN or password. Enter: 0000

• If the pairing is successful, your mobile phone will

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