Step 3, Pc configuration procedures, Device – SINGER SpeedStream 6500 Series User Manual

Page 6: Windows configuration, Internet access, Configure the gateway

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Congratulations! You have

completed the installation of

your SpeedStream



Step 3


PC Configuration Procedures

Windows Configuration

In order to setup the SpeedStream



your PC must first be configured to obtain

an IP address from a DHCP server. Follow the

procedure below:

Note: The following procedures cover configuration of a PC
running Windows


XP. Please refer to the User Guide on the

CD-ROM for help configuring other operating systems.

1. Click

Start > Control Panel.

2. Double-click the


Connections icon.

3. Double-click your

Network Card.

4. Click


5. Select

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

6. Click


7. Select

Obtain an IP address


8. Select

Obtain DNS server address


9. Click

OK and exit out of the Control Panel.

10. Configure Internet Access using the

procedure that follows.

Internet Access

Next, make sure your PC will use the



device (and not Dial-Up

Networking) when connecting to the

Internet. Follow the procedure below:

1. Click

Start > Control Panel.

2. Double-click the

Internet Options icon.

3. Click the

Connections tab.

4. Click


5. Click


6. Click

Connect to the Internet.

7. Click


8. Click

Setup my connection manually.

9. Click


10. Select

Connect using a broadband

connection that is always on.

11. Click


12. Click


13. Configure the Gateway using the

Gateway Configuration procedure

that follows.

Configure the Gateway

Windows Me and XP users: If you have

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) enabled,

Windows may detect the SpeedStream


device upon startup and provide a Shortcut

to the device on the desktop or system task

tray. The icon will be labeled as “Residential

Gateway.” Double-click the icon and skip

to step 3.

1. Start your Web browser. In the Address box,

enter the following: http://speedstream.

2. Press Enter. The



Simple Setup

Wizard will launch.

3. At the end of the Setup Wizard, you will be

given the option to either connect to

the Internet or further configure the optional

settings of the gateway.

4. If additional configuration is desired, select

the icon for the service or option

you wish to configure: the gateway’s firewall

and security settings, User Profiles and

content filtering, or home network options.

For non-standard configurations or troubleshooting procedures,
consult the User Guide on CD-ROM.