Saris 911 User Manual

Upright mount, Bicycle carrier, Step 7

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Bicycle Carrier

Please READ and FOLLOW all instructions carefully!

Model #911


We warrant this product to the first consumer to be free from
defect in material and workmanship for a period of two years
from date of purchase. (Please retain your sales slip for
your records.) Any product or part thereof found to be
defective within that period will be replaced without charge
provided that: (1) the product was not misused; (2) no
alterations or modifications were made; (3) its failure
resulted from a defect in material or workmanship and not
from normal wear expected in the use of the product; (4) the
product or part is delivered, freight prepaid, to Graber
Products. Manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace
such products or parts proved to be defective.

Warning and Disclaimer

This carrier has been designed to carry accessories on
specific vehicles. Before installation, user must read and
follow current Vehicle/ Carrier Compatibility Guide (available
through Saris dealer) recommendations and enclosed
instructions. Fit recommendations are based on vehicle's
standard features; optional features may affect the fit
recommendations. User must attach carrier correctly to the
vehicle, check its attachment before each use, and inspect
carrier parts for wear. Carrier's attachment to the vehicle is
critical and beyond the control of the manufacturer.
Manufacturer and seller expressly disclaim any and all
liability for personal injury, property damage or loss, whether
direct, indirect, or incidental, resulting from the incorrect
attachment, improper use, inadequate maintenance, or
neglect of this carrier.

Worldwide patents

issued and pending.

Made in U.S.A.
911-IS 11/99 Revison B

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Madison, WI 53711


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Step 7-

Close and lock track.

•Turn knob, at end of each load

bar, in direction of orange arrow
until the word "LOCK" appears.

•Lock load bar with key.


1) All requirements for compatibility/ fit as stated in the current Saris

Vehicle/ Carrier Compatibility Guide must be followed.

2) Check your installation as recommended. Because vehicles and

conditions vary, it is your responsibility to insure the safe and proper
use of this product. Improper attachment or misuse may result in
damage to your carrier, bicycles, vehicle, or vehicles traveling behind

3) Use only Saris clips and accessories.
4) When in use, remember carrier is installed!

a) Be aware of low overhead clearances.
b) Do not go through automatic car wash with carrier installed.
c) Occasionally check attachment of carrier and load.

5) Open vehicle doors before removing carrier; failure to do so could

damage doors.

6) Replace any part at first sign of fatigue or wear.

Step 8-

Check your installation. Be certain:

• Daisy dials are tightened completely against wheel tray and upright bracket.

Retighten daisy dial against upright bracket after first two hours of initial use.

• Upright clamp is firmly grasping each bike and is in the closed position.
• Wheel straps are used on both front and rear tires.
• Accessory tracks are closed and locked.
• Load is evenly distributed on load bars. For maximum weight limitations,

follow recommendations of vehicle manufacturer.

• The entire system including attachment of load bars to the vehicle is

stable and secure. Walk around vehicle to check each attachment clip.
Refer to attachment clip instructions for correct clip positioning and
proper installation.

Step 1-

Check load bar placement.

Use of the upright mount requires that your load bar spacing be between
16" (minimum) and 36" (maximum).

Refer to available load bar spacing in clip set instructions.
If your available load bar spacing is:

- less than or equal to 36 inches, place load bars following all

recommendations in your clip set instructions.

- greater than 36 inches,

place load bars 36" apart

anywhere along the
length of your

wheel straps



wheel tray

attachment block

(tightens to wheel tray)

daisy dials

(tightens to load bar)




upright arm

upright bracket


The Saris Upright Mount Accessory can support bikes

with a tire size between 12-1/2 and 27 inches.