Prepare the hood – Sharp INSIGHTRANGEHOOD KB-0333K User Manual

Page 7

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3 1⁄4” x 10” Ducted Discharge Only: Remove tape from

damper flap and attach Damper/Duct Connector over

knockout opening with screws removed in Step 4 under

“PREPARE THE HOOD”. Make sure damper Pivot is

nearest to top/back edge of hood.


7” Round Ducted Discharge Only: Re-install 7” Round

Duct Plate removed in Step #1 under “PREPARE

THE HOOD”. Install a 7” Round Damper (purchase

separately). Damper flap must open freely in direction

of airflow (away from range hood).

Note: To accommodate off-center ductwork, the Damper/

Duct Connector can be installed up to 1-inch on either side

of hood center or the 7” Round Duct Plate can be installed

up to 1⁄2” on either side of hood center. In extreme off-center

installations, one end of the duct connector may need to be

trimmed to clear the electrical cable clamp.



Re-install air chute and screw, re-connect wire harness

and replace light panel.

Note: Be careful not to trap wires between Support Fin

and light panel.


Remove appropriate Duct Knockout(s) from top or back

of hood.


Horizontal Discharge Only: Remove the Plate in front of

the horizontal discharge knockout. Cut the ties, lift plate

out, and discard plate. DO NOT REMOVE the Metal

Strip held in place with two screws.