Sundance Spas 880 User Manual

Fluidix intelli-jet operation details, Fluidix intelli-jet adjustment

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ADDENDUM - All Export 880/850 Hot Tub Models

880/850 Export 50Hz Owner’s Manual Update, #6530-317 Rev-A

The following changes apply to the owners manual identified above:
• Fluidix Intelli-Jet Operation Details (page 1)
• New Change Filter Reminder Feature (page 2)
• Revised Hot Tub Gravity Drain Operation Procedure (page 2)
• Revised 2005+ Cameo Hot Tub “Top View” Figure-F (page 3)
• Revised Light Button Operation Instructions (page 4)
• New AquaTerrace Light Controller Operation for 2005 Cameo &

Optima (page 4)

• New AquaTerrace Waterfall Control Valve Operation for 2005+

Cameo & Optima (page 5)

• Revised Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions for 2005+

Cameo & Optima (page 6)

Fluidix Intelli-Jet Operation Details

The Fluidix Intelli-Jets in your new spa offer the advantage of no
moving parts and zero maintenance. They can also be adjusted for
a high and low impact massage, providing the ultimate massage!
Each jet has it’s own water volume and directional or oscillating flow
adjustment. The jet’s outer dial controls water volume (flow rate)
and it’s center “mode disk” selects either an oscillating or directional
flow massage.

Fluidix Intelli-Jet Adjustment


Turn outer dial (A) clockwise to increase water
volume. Turn outer dial counterclockwise to
decrease water volume or to shut jet off.

2. Rotate center “mode disk” (B) clockwise to

select a non-oscillating water stream or turn
counterclockwise to select an oscillating stream
at any angle.


For a high impact massage, turn corresponding
air control knob clockwise. For low impact
massage, turn corresponding air control knob

Note: Always keep at least 6 adjustable jets open at
all times on each jet system.




Control Knob

New Fluidix


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