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ver the years, Subaru air conditioning systems have taken many different

shapes and sizes, from full manual, cable and vacuum-controlled systems like
those found on Loyale models, to the fully automatic electronically controlled
systems employed by the SVX and some Legacy models. Because of this great
diversity in Subaru air conditioning systems, it would be impossible to tell you
everything there is to know about every single Subaru air conditioning system in
this edition of The End Wrench.

What we will do instead is to give you a cross-section summary of recent

Subaru air conditioning systems. We’ll show you what’s unique and different
about each system, and describe the best troubleshooting and repair strategies
for these systems.

In compliance with government requirements, all Subaru vehicles manufactured

within the past few years are equipped with R-134a air conditioning systems.
But there are still a large percentage of Subaru vehicles on the road with R-12
refrigerant in their A/C sytems. We’ll explain how to safely handle R-12 and
R-134a refrigerants, and we’ll also explain your repair and retrofit options
when a Subaru equipped with an R-12 air conditioning system comes to your
shop for repairs.

Subaru Air Conditioning Systems

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