Epic fsr carbon instructions – Specialized Roll X User Manual

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The Specialized Epic Carbon frame utilizes advanced composite materials that require particular care during assembly, storage

and riding. This installation and care guide contains instructions and warnings, plus torque specifications. Assembling a complete

bicycle is a complicated task requiring training and experience, only a trained and experienced bicycle mechanic should install

components to this frame. Reference should also be made to Barnett’s or some other comprehensive bicycle manual.


WARNING! Failure to follow these instructions may result in a catastrophic failure of the frame and/or its components

while riding, which may result in serious personal injury or death.

WARNING! Bicycle assembly is an art which requires training and experience. Do not attempt installation of any component

if you do not have experience and training as a bicycle mechanic.

To ensure the best assembly possible and to prevent any damage to the components or frame, follow all torque specifications.

Please refer to the specific owner’s manuals for mating component’s correct torque specifications. If the mating component’s

recommended torque exceeds the frame’s recommended torque, use the lower torque spec. Due to torque considerations, not all

components will be compatible.

WARNING! Failure to follow the torque specifications in this installation guide will void your warranty, but most

importantly may result in damage to the frame which may not be visible. If the frame is damaged, this can result in loss

of structural integrity.

Bicycle components such as a handlebar, handlebar stem, seat post, saddle, brakes,

must be mutually compatible with each other, as well as the frame and the intended

use. Any doubt regarding compatibility should be discussed with your local authorized

Specialized retailer.

WARNING! When placing the frame and/or bicycle in a repair stand, clamp

the stand to the seat post and not the frame. Clamping the frame can cause

damage to the frame that may or may not be visible, which may impair the

structural integrity of the frame.

Refer to your seat post owner’s manual prior to installation. Specialized Mountain

frames have a 0.9mm seat post diameter and require that the seat post have a

tolerance of 0.78mm to 0.9mm.

Do not grease inside surface of carbon seat tube!

The Epic Carbon frame uses a unique two-bolt seat post clamping mechanism. Since the

components of this assembly are in direct contact with carbon fiber, special attention must be

used to ensure proper tightness for the seat post when correctly tightened to specifications.