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As activities such as racing, jumping, severe off road riding, and stunt riding are extremely dangerous, SAFETY should always be the first consideration. Don’t ride in the race, ride hard off road, try the jump, or
do the stunt, UNLESS YOU CAN DO SO SAFELY. Here are some additional recommendations:

• Take lessons from a competent instructor first.
• Do jumps or stunts only in areas designated for this type of riding.
• Start with easy jumps and easy stunts first, and slowly develop skills before trying more dangerous jumps or stunts.
• Wear appropriate safety gear, such as a full face helmet, body armor, full finger gloves.
• Make sure by checking with your dealer that your bike is suitable for the kind of activity you intend to engage in.
• Constantly inspect your bicycle for signs of stress: cracks in the paint; dents; crushing or bending of the frame; bent components. Do not ride your bicycle if it shows such signs

of stress.

• Do not seek to bend or break the frame or components. Remember, SAFETY FIRST!!!
• Understand and recognize that the stresses imposed on your bike by riding at speed, jumping or stunt riding may break or damage parts of the bicycle, which may result in loss of

control, serious injury or death.

Specialized does not warrant the bicycle frame or components for such activities, and expressly disclaims all warranties, including the warranty of fitness for particular purpose and merchantability.

Stunt riding, severe off road riding, jumping, or riding downhill at speed is extremely dangerous, and the rider voluntarily assumes the risk that the bicycle frame and/or its components will bend or break, and
voluntarily assumes the risk of injury or death.

Service and Modifications

Technological advances have made bicycles and bicycle components more complex, and the pace of innovation is increasing. It is impossible for this manual or the accompanying manuals to provide all the
information required to properly repair and/or maintain your bicycle. In order to help minimize the chances of an injury, it is critical for you to have work performed by an authorized Specialized retailer.


Warning: Service on Specialized bicycles requires special knowledge and tools. Specialized recommends that all service and
repairs be performed by an authorized Specialized retailer.

Your bicycle has been engineered and tested with specific components and parts. Because of the great variety in these items, it is impossible for Specialized to test and approve of all
possible combinations. Modifying the frame, fork, or any of the components may make your bike unsafe. For example, changing the front suspension on your bicycle may alter the steer-
ing characteristics and/or add stresses to the frame which have not been tested for. If you must replace any component, have this done by your authorized Specialized retailer.

Warning: Never modify your frame or bicycle in any way. Do not sand, drill, fill, or remove parts. Do not install incompatible
forks or suspension parts. An improperly modified frame, fork, or component, can cause you to lose control and fall.

Caution: Any modification of your frame, fork, or components means that your bike no longer meets our specifications and
therefore voids your warranty.