Schwinn 101/201 User Manual

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Operating Instructions for Console

Getting Started:

To turn on the computer either press any button or start pedaling.

The Manual and Program icon will be flashing. Use UP and DOWN buttons to select desired
one. Then press Enter key.

Control Panel

Resistance Control

At any time during a workout, you can control the resistance of the bike by using the UP
and DOWN arrow buttons.

Manual Mode

You have two options in the MANUAL mode. For “quick start,” simply press the ST/STOP
button and your workout will begin. Any “goals” set for the previous workout will be in
effect. You can control the resistance with the UP and DOWN arrow buttons.

The second option for MANUAL is to set a “goal”. When you press ENTER, to select MANUAL,
the resistance LEVEL bar will flash across the bottom of the screen. Select the LEVEL (1 – 16)
using the UP and DOWN arrows, then press ENTER. Next, the TIME display will flash. If you
wish to set a TIME goal, you can do so using the UP and DOWN arrows, or if you wish to set
a DISTANCE or CALORIE goal, just continue to press the ENTER button. By setting a PULSE
goal, a tone will sound once that Heart Rate is reached or exceeded.

Press the ST/STOP key to start your workout.

Selecting a program

There are 6 preset programs that offer you a variety of workout options. To select a
program, use the UP and DOWN arrows to highlight the PROGRAM icon. Once this Icon is
flashing, press the ENTER button. This will prompt you to select the program (P1 – P6).
You will be prompted with a P1. Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to select the desired
profile. At this point you can press the ST/STOP button to start your workout or you can
set LEVEL or a goal as described above.

Automatic turn off: If no pedal signal is received for five minutes, the console will turn off if
no pedal signal is received.

Button Functions


Starts and Stops the workout session


Used to enter information


Adjusts data up


Adjusts data down


Resets the workout results


Resets the entire computer to start a new program


Starts the recovery function.

Setting “goals” Once you select a workout program, you can set “goals” for
either TIME, DISTANCE, or CALORIES. For instance, if you set a CALORIE goal of
100, once you start the program, you will notice that the CALORIE display will
count down from 100 to 0.

We recommend that you set only one goal (TIME or DISTANCE or CALORIES,) for
each exercise. Note, if no goals are set (TIME, DISTANCE, and CALORIES) and are
all set to 0, all of these values will count up, once the START button is pressed.
During you exercise, when a goal is reached, that display will flash, signaling
that your workout is complete.

Display Description:


Displays the estimated current speed (miles / hour)


Displays the current pedal RPM (revolutions per minute)


Displays the workout time (TIME will count down if it is set

as a “goal”.)


Displays the estimated distance traveled.

(DISTANCE counts down if it is set as a “goal”.)


Displays the current power of that the user is producting


Displays the estimated Calories the user has burned during

the exercise. (CALORIES counts down if it is set as a “goal”.)


Displays the user’s current heart rate (beats per minute.)


The RECOVERY function measures the amount that your

heart rate drops in one minute, measured from the time

you stop exercising. The greater the drop in your heart

rate, the greater your fitness level. Your fitness level is

qualitatively displayed ranging from “F1” (high fitness

level) to “F2” (low fitness level.)