Sonic Alert TR55 User Manual

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The Telephone Ring Signaler Model TR55 is
warranted against manufacturing defects in materials
and workmanship for five(5) years from the date of
purchase. Within this period Sonic Alert will repair or
replace at our option the TR55 without charge for
parts and labor. Simply send the TR55 (postpaid)
and a copy of your sales slip as proof of purchase to:
Sonic Alert Inc., 1050 E. Maple road, Troy MI 48083


The model TR55 telephone signaler alerts you that your
telephone is ringing by flashing a lamp on and off
automatically. The TR55 can flash lights in other rooms
by use of remote receivers, (Models SA101, SA201,
RH100, Sonic Boom Alarm Clock)


1. Plug the modular phone plug at the end of the TR55 cord
into a standard modular phone jack. (Use Jack type USOC
RJIIC) The seven-foot cord is long enough to accommodate a
variety of phone locations.

2. Plug a lamp into the outlet on the TR55. Make sure the
switch on the lamp is in the "ON" position or the lamp
will not flash when the telephone rings.
The red LED light
will go on each time the lamp flashes. If the red light comes on
and the lamp is not flashing, make sure the lamp is in the on
position and the bulb is not burned out.

3. Plug the TR55 into any standard electrical outlet.

4. To use Remote Receivers (Model SA101, SA201, RH100.
BL300 or SB1000) simply plug receiver into a electrical outlet
and plug a lamp into the outlet located on the receiver.

The TR55 and Remote Receivers are designed for
incandescent light bulbs up to 300 watt. Never use the TR55
with a fluorescent light or any type of appliance.

FCC Information

We designed your telephone signaler to conform to federal regulations, and you
can connect it to most phone lines. However, each TR55 (and other devices,
such as a phone or answering machine) you connect to the phone line draws
power. We refer to this power draw as the ringer equivalence number, or
REN. The REN is on the TR55 rating label.

If you use more than one phone or other device on the phone lines, add up all
the REN’s. If the total is more than five, Phones might not ring. In rural
areas, a total of three might impair ringer operation. If ringer operation is
impaired, disconnect a device from the line.

Your TR55 complies with Part 68 of FCC Rules. You must, upon request,
provide the FCC registration number and the REN to your local phone
company. Both numbers are shown on the TR55's rating label.

In the unlikely event that your TR55 causes problems on the phone line, the
phone company can temporarily discontinue service. If this happens, the
phone company notifies you of these changes in advance. If advance notice
is not practical, the phone company notifies you as soon as possible and
advises you of your right to file a complaint with the FCC.

Also, the phone company can make changes to its lines, equipment, or
procedures that could affect the operation of this device. The phone company
notifies you of these changes in advance, so you can take the necessary steps
to prevent interruption of your phone service.

Modifying or tampering with your TR55's internal components can cause a
malfunction and invalidate the TR55' warranty and void your FCC
authorization to operate it. If the TR55 is not operating as it should, return
it to Sonic Alert. If the problem is harming the phone lines, the phone
company might ask that you disconnect the TR55 until the problem is


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