Hold switch, Back button – Sony PEG-NZ90 User Manual

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Sony Personal Entertainment Organizer PEG-NZ90 4-670-644-31

Basic operations of your

Sony CLIÉ™


HOLD Switch


If you cannot turn on or operate your CLIÉ handheld, check if the HOLD switch is not
in the HOLD position.
If you try to turn on your CLIÉ handheld while the HOLD switch is in the HOLD
position, the POWER LED indicator blinks green three times.

BACK Button


For details, refer to the explanation of each application in the “CLIÉ Application
Manual” installed on your computer.

Protects your CLIÉ handheld from
accidental tapping on the screen or
pressure on the POWER switch when
you are carrying your CLIÉ handheld.
If you slide this switch while the power
is on, the screen display turns off, even
during an operation.

Cancels the selection of an item and
cancels the operation. Depending on
the application, unique features such as
restoring to the previous screen are


Press the BACK button for a few
seconds to switch to the CLIE
Launcher screen.