Shibaura GM222 User Manual

Gm222, Utmost refined greens mower for your ideal greens

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Utmost refined Greens Mower
for your ideal greens.

Utmost refined Greens Mower
for your ideal greens.

Grooming Roller(standard)

Wheel For Transportation

Grass Collector(standard)


Superior Greens Mower for precision cutting-Tournament standard greens mower,
purpose built to meet the exacting demands of the professional green keeper,
Made from corrosive resistant cast aluminium for excellent structural integrity.

External Differential

Each half of the rear roller is driven independently
through a remote differential. This enables the
operator to accurately steer the mower and
ensure a consistent overlap with the previous cut.

The interlocking groomer reel can be easily set
for both forward and reverse rotation to suit
varying turf conditions. The interlocking design
brings the front roller closer to the cutting cylinder,
reducing roller to roller ratio and ensuring
superior contour following capabilities.


The GM222E follows the undulations of the

ground and its 9 or 11 blade reel provides

precise and high quality cutting finish.