Slant/Fin Kicker TK-90 User Manual

Multi-purpose fan convection heater

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When there’s not enough wall space
to install baseboard radiation, install
The Kicker by Slant/Fin. The compact
Kicker provides the heat output of up
to 12 feet of baseboard, depending on
the model you choose. Sized to fit
under cabinets or between wall studs,
The Kicker is simple to install and
easy to operate.

Set it and forget it

The Kicker is generally installed in
series with baseboard or other radia-
tors that make up a heating zone. An
aquastat inside The Kicker activates
The Kicker’s fan so that it automatical-
ly turns on and off, delivering a quiet
flow of heat to the room whenever the
radiators in the heating zone are hot.
A convenient switch enables the user
to set the fan speed at high, low or off.
The Kicker may also be installed as a
separate zone with its own room ther-
mostat. Routine cleaning is the only
maintenance The Kicker
should require.

Unique manifold heat
exchanger provides better

The unique manifold-type heat
exchanger of The Kicker provides
higher heat output while minimizing
friction loss. The supply water in each
of the short loops off the manifold
makes just a single pass through the
heat exchanger. This provides higher
supply water temperature to a greater
percentage of the heat exchanger fins
than a serpentine coil. Since this con-
figuration helps minimize pressure
drop, you can often install The Kicker
in the same heating loop with base-
board, without diverting tees. That
reduces installation costs.

Competitive units use a less efficient
serpentine loop heat exchanger. The
supply water cools as it flows from

one end of the long loop to

the other,reducing

heat output.

The two Kicker models, TK-70 and
TK-90, are packaged for kick space
installation. The output varies by
model but the physical dimensions are
identical. Accessory kits are available
to install The Kicker in a recessed wall
mount or surface wall mount applica-
tion. Each kit includes the additional
cabinet, grille and hardware neces-
sary for these installations.

The Kicker outperforms

the competition

Although several kickspace heaters have
been on the market for a number of
years, there has been no industry stan-
dard for establishing their ratings.
The Hydronics Institute is currently evalu-
ating test procedures that would permit
all kickspace heaters to be rated under
common IBR test conditions. Slant/Fin
followed one of the proposed test proce-
dures to establish its ratings. In its own
tests, Slant/Fin found The Kicker to have
higher output than competitive units that
it tested.

Kicks up the
hydronic heat in
hard to heat


Multi-purpose fan convection heater

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