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Installation Instructions for

S&S Air Cleaner for Stock Tillotson, Bendix, and Keihin

Carburetors on all OHV H-D's, 1994-up Buells and

All 2000-up Single Runner Fuel Injected Models


Gasoline is highly flammable, explosive under

certain conditions, and the fumes toxic when
inhaled. Be sure gasoline petcock is “OFF” before
beginning installation, provide adequate
ventilation, and disconnect battery ground cable
to avoid sparks and accidental engagement of
electric starter.

Improperly mounted carburetor may become

detached from motorcycle, resulting in immediate
health and fire hazard.


If improperly tightened or loosened by vibration,

bolts, screws, etc. located inside air cleaner
assembly may fall into engine, causing extensive
damage not covered under warranty. S&S
recommends applying Loctite 242 or equivalent
thread locking compound to threads of all bolts,
screws, and nuts located inside air cleaner

Mounting bracket bolt of incorrect length may

cause parts damage not covered under warranty.

It is the owner’s responsibility to determine if

the installation of this air cleaner assembly is in
accordance with applicable legal and emissions

Crankcase and cylinder head vents must be

open and free of restriction. To meet C.A.R.B. and
similar standards if applicable, crankcase pressure
must be vented into air cleaner assembly, not
directly into atmosphere.

Pressure relief passages in crankcase and/or

cylinder heads must not be plugged as gasket
failure and oil leakage may result.


Installing an S&S air cleaner on a stock carburetor is simple and straightforward. Because this modification
increases airflow, larger carburetor jets may be required. Additionally, S&S air cleaners for stock carburetors
have no provision for the emissions canister purge valve required in some areas. As a result, installing this
product may render the motorcycle illegal for street use in California and other areas with similar emissions
standards. It is solely the owner’s responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for his use and

S&S air cleaner kits for stock carburetors are available for Big Twins, Sportsters and 1994-up carbureted Buells.

Kit #17-0199 fits 1966-1984 Shovelheads and 1966-1985 XL’s.
Kit #17-0105 fits 1994-up carbureted Buells.
Kit #17-0108 fits 1984-1989 Big Twins and 1986-1987 Sportsters.
Kit #17-0110 fits 1991-up Sportsters and1993-up Big Twins.
Kit #17-0101 fits 1999-up Twin Cam models with carburetor or single runner fuel injected models.

Kits are not available for 1989-1992 Big Twins,1988-1990 XL’s or any dual runner fuel injected models.

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