Schwinn 117P/217P User Manual

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When the computer is in the "OFF" mode, with no LCDs displayed, the
QUICK START feature will activate and start the computer without having
to input any other information. Simply press the START/ENTER key and
you can begin to start working out immediately!

The 117p/217p computer requires four AA batteries, which are included
with the unit. To save battery power, the computer has an automatic
shutdown feature that turns the unit off if the unit is idle for 5 minutes.
All stored values, except the last pre-programmed TIME, ODOMETER, and
ENGLISH/METRIC units of measurement will be cleared.


Before attempting Initial Set-up of the computer, please take a moment to
familiarize yourself with the operation to ensure a quick and easy set-up.

Initial set-up of the 117p/217p computer is quick and easy and only takes a
couple of seconds. First, install the included four AA batteries and then
set the Distance Calibration in English (Miles) or Metric (Kilometers) units
of measurement by pressing RESET. After pressing RESET, the display
window will display all the LCD’s for 3 seconds. While all the LCD’s are
illuminated, simultaneously press the up and down arrows and hold for 3
seconds. At this point only the Metric or English LCD’s will light up.
Alternate between these units by pressing either the up or down key.
Choose your desired unit of measurement by pressing ENTER. The
computer will then calculate distance in Miles or Kilometers. That’s it! The
computer is set up and ready to go.


To activate the computer, press any key or begin to pedal.

The computer will display the TIME function at 0:00 or the last
programmed time. When the computer is on, to set the TIME function to
operate in the Workout Count Up Mode (workout time is displayed
progressively from 0:00 until you decide to finish your workout), press the
RESET and the START/ENTER buttons simultaneously. The TIME display will
show 0:00. You can now begin your program.

To customize the TIME function to operate in Workout Count Down Mode
(you set the desired workout time and then the computer counts down to
0:00), press RESET and the computer will display the last programmed
time. To slowly change the Workout Count Down time, simply press the +
or – key for each minute you want to increase or decrease your workout
time and the display will show the corresponding time adjustment. To
quickly reach your predetermined workout period, hold down the + or –
key until you reach your desired workout time. When you have reached
the desired workout time, press ENTER and you’re now ready to begin


The SPEED feedback function displays your current workout pace by
calculating your approximate miles or kilometers per hour speed.


The RPM feedback function displays your current pedal speed in
revolutions per minute. This feature enables you to monitor and maintain
a certain cadence during various levels of workout intensity.


The LEVEL feedback function displays your current exercise resistance
level. To customize your workout, the resistance level may be adjusted at
anytime during your workout between the range of 1 (easiest) to 16
(hardest). To adjust the LEVEL of your workout, simply turn the resistance
control knob until you reach your desired LEVEL. Turning the knob
clockwise (+) increases the resistance and turning the knob counter-
clockwise (-) reduces the resistance.


This feature enables you to chose to view data in the TIME/DISTANCE,
continuously changing display as it scrolls through each of the individual
feedback functions. By selecting SCAN, the corresponding data in each
window will be alternately displayed in 3 second increments.


The HEART RATE feedback function displays your pulse per minute and is
continuously updated. Grasp both stainless contact grips to view your
current heart rate.


The RECOVERY feedback function displays the drop in your heart rate in a
60-second period after the workout time has reached zero. At the end of
your pre-set TIME in the Workout Count Down Mode, the computer will
beep for 2 seconds. At this time stop pedaling and the computer will start
the Heart Rate Recovery Routine. In this mode the computer will store
the ending heart rate and display the current heart rate. After 1 minute
has elapsed, the computer then reads the heart rate again and displays
the difference between the heart rate at the end of the work out and the
heart rate at the end of the 1 minute rest period. This number is displayed
in the bottom LCD display. This measurement will help you monitor and
evaluate how your level of fitness is improving with your exercise program.


The HEART RATE and RECOVERY functions will only operate when the

user is grasping both contact grips or the optional pulse receiver module
is installed. This module inserts into the port on the upper left-hand side
of the computer unit and is available in either a telemetric chest strap or
ear clip version. These modules can be purchased from an authorized
Schwinn Fitness dealer.