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Installation / Operation



Hazardous voltage. Can shock, burn or

cause death. Do not use power cord to lift motor.
Always use the handle.

1. Pump should be located and should rest on level

solid foundation. Do not suspend pump by means of
discharge pipe or power cord. Keep pump inlet
screen clear.

2. Use a standard 3/4" garden hose or a 1" ID hose for

the side discharge.

NOTICE: To keep friction as low as possible, hose
must be 3/4" or larger. Keep the hose as short as

3. If, in your application, backflow is a problem when

the pump stops, prevent it by installing a 1" NPT
check valve in the pump discharge pipe.

4. Power Supply: Pump is designed for 115V., 60 HZ.

operation and requires an individual branch circuit
of 15 amperes or more capacity. It is supplied with a
3-wire cord set with grounding-type plug for use in a
3-wire, grounded outlet. A 3 wire extension cord, of
at least 14 AWG (2mm


) size is suggested, with larg-

er sizes for runs over 25 ft (7M). For safety, the pump
should always be electrically grounded to a suitable
electrical ground such as a grounded water pipe or a
properly grounded metallic raceway, or ground wire
system. Do not cut off the round grounding prong.

Personal injury. The pump motor is

equipped with automatic resetting thermal protec-
tor and may restart unexpectedly.
The protector trip-
ping is an indication of motor overloading as a result
of operating pump at low heads (low discharge re-
striction), excessively high or low voltage, inade-
quate wiring, incorrect motor connections, or a
defective motor or pump.

* Lake Chemical Co., Chicago, Illinois


Hazardous voltage. Can shock, burn or

cause death. Do not handle pump or pump motor with
wet hands or when standing on wet or damp surface, or
in water. Disconnect power from pump before handling
or servicing pump.

The Geyser Junior


is fully automatic in operation. The

pump will continue to run until the water is pumped
down to 3/8" deep, and then it stops.

NOTICE: When you plug the pump into the wall
outlet, it will operate continuously, whether partly or
fully submerged.

1. The motor is equipped with an automatically reset-

ting thermal overload protector. If the motor gets too
hot, the overload protector will stop the motor
before it is damaged. When the motor has cooled
sufficiently, the overload protector will reset itself
and the motor will restart.

NOTICE: If the overload protector stops the pump
repeatedly, disconnect the power from the pump and
check it to find the problem. Low voltage, long exten-
sion cords, clogged impeller, too much back pressure
in the discharge hose (as when pumping through 50’
(15 M) of coiled hose), or extended running of pump
with no load, can all cause overheating.

2. The water being pumped cools the motor, allowing

the pump to run continuously at any depth of water
above 3/8". However, if the motor overload stops the
pump, allow it to cool for one hour before restarting.
Motor will not restart before the overload has


A clogged inlet can reduce the pump’s performance. A
clogged inlet screen can usually be cleaned out by back
flushing with a garden hose through the pump’s dis-
charge pipe.