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KA009 Operating Manual

4-Way Powered AM/FM/TV2/TV13/AIR/VHF(Weather)/SW1-SW4

Portable Radio with SUPER BRIGHT LED Flashlight

Thank you for purchasing the KA009 super portable receiver. Please read the manual
thoroughly before operating and keep this book in a safe place for future reference. With
proper care, you will receive many years of trouble-free service from your new radio.

The KA009 portable radio is perfect for emergency situations and is also ideal for anyone who
does not have access to a reliable AC power source. The radio can be powered by solar
energy, batteries, AC adapter and hand-crank generator (magneto). With coverage of the
AM/FM/TV/AIR/VHF (Weather) broadcast bands, plus 4 shortwave bands, you'll never run out
of things to listen to!



Bands: Receives AM/FM/TV1/TV2/AIR/Weather broadcast bands and four shortwave

bands (SW1-SW4).

2. Built-in power generator: Under emergency conditions where AC power, batteries and

sunlight sources are unavailable, you can crank-up the radio to charge the internal

3. Solar power: The built-in solar panel is powerful enough to run the radio in direct sunlight.*

It charges the batteries even in weak light conditions.

4. Rechargeable pack: It provides reliable, renewable internal power for everyday use. The

high quality Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are installed inside the radio that can be
replaced by a professional technician only.

5. 2 1/2 ± di a met er speake: The high quality speaker provides clear dynamic audio.
6. AC/DC power adapter: You can use this adapter to charge the built-in battery or to directly

power the radio. (The AC adapter is an option in some areas)

7. DC jack: A built-in 4.5V DC jack is provided for external power connection.
8. Earphone: A stylish earphone is included for private listening.
9. Antennas: The swirl telescopic antenna can be positioned to improve reception of

FM/TV/AIR/VHF(Weather) and shortwave stations. A built-in AM ferrite antenna provides
good sensitivity for AM reception. Also included with the radio is a portable wire antenna
that can be used to further improve shortwave reception by plugging it into the earphone

10. Super bright LED Long life super bright LED is convenient flashlight to use in the dark.
11. Battery compartment: Operates on

3 x "AA" size batteries. (Batteries not included)

*Important Notice Regarding Solar Operation:
The built-in solar panel can be used to directly power the radio even if the internal batteries are
dead! The solar panel must face direct sunlight to get enough energy to operate the radio's
speaker. If you cannot position the radio in direct sunlight, try to use the earphones. Earphones
require less energy to operate than the speaker does. When switching to solar power always
start with the volume control at the minimum position. The higher you turn the volume the more
light you will need.