Ports and connectors – LG D4470 User Manual

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Installation, Wiring,


Installation, Wiring, and Specifications

Ports and Connectors

On the left side of the D4–470 you will find a standard 15–pin port for your VGA
monitor. Follow the recommendations of your monitor’s manufacturer in setting up
your monitor. The 10/100 Base–T port is compatable with our Ethernet Base
Controller or our Ethernet Communications Module. See the manual for those
devices for more information about developing or connecting to an Ethernet
network. This port is also compatable with standard hubs, routers, etc.

Connect the Y–adapter that came with the D4–470 to the PS/2 connector. The
keyboard and mouse that also came with the D4–470 will connect to the other ends
of the Y–adapter. Both devices can be used simultaneously with conflict.

As shown below, two serial ports and a parallel port are also provided. Any
accessory boards you add will also have ports on the left side of the D4–470.

25-pin Parallel Port

9-pin Serial Port

9-pin Serial Port

10/100Base T (RJ45)

PS/2 Connector

VGA Port

Left Side