Lenmar Enterprises OmniSource Camcorder & Digital Camera User Manual

Omnisource, Ac power system

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AC Power System

Camcorder & Digital Camera
AC Power Supply & Battery Charger Kit



The OmniSource Power System is a complete AC Power Supply/Charger
solution for use with many popular cameras and camcorders. The
Universal AC “switching” power adapter works with 100V –240VAC to
allow for trouble free use domestically or overseas. The power adapter
can be plugged directly into the camcorder or camera for virtually
unlimited record time, or plugged into the included charger module to
charge batteries conveniently, away from the camera.


• 100-240V switching AC power adapter for use domestically and


• Plugging your camera into the power adapter provides unlimited

operating time without requiring an on-board battery.

• Allows you to recharge your battery with the included charger

module, leaving the camcorder/camera free for use.

• Charger module includes 2-color LED charge status indicator - RED

(charge) / GREEN (full).


To power the camcorder/camera:

1. Plug the end of the AC power adapter cord into the

camcorder/camera. Often, this connection will be identified on the
camcorder/camera as “DC IN”. Make sure the connector from the
power adapter fits the camcorder/camera properly. If it does not, it
may be the wrong type for your camcorder/camera. Once the power

adapter has been properly plugged into the camcorder/camera, plug
the AC power adapter into the wall. Power up the camcorder/camera
and operate as you would normally. Many new camcorders and
cameras will charge the batteries on the camera unit itself. For these
units, simply follow the directions supplied from the manufacturer
while the camcorder/camera will be powered by the OmniSource
Power System. The battery will charge just as it would when plugged
into the manufacturer supplied power adapter.

2. When you wish to disconnect the power adapter, first turn the

camcorder/camera unit off then unplug the power connector.

To charge the battery using the Charger Module:

This CHARGER MODULE is for charging rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
ONLY! Attempting to charge any other type batteries may damage the
device, destroy the batteries and/or cause personal injury.

1. Plug the connector at the end of the AC power adapter cord into the

charger module, then plug the adapter into the wall socket. With
power present, the LED on the top of the charger module will glow

2. Slide your Li-Ion battery into the charger module, making sure the

battery has proper connection with the charger module contacts. The
LED indicator in the charger module will turn RED to indicate your
battery is receiving fast charge. As soon as the battery is fully
charged, the LED indicator will turn GREEN to indicate your battery is
ready for use. Once the battery is full, remove the battery from the
charger module and unplug the power adapter and charger module.


• It is normal for the switching AC power adapter, charger cradle and

battery to become warm during charge or regular operation.

• If the charger does not charge the battery, check to see if the battery

was already fully charged, is dead, faulty or worn out. All
rechargeable batteries will eventually wear out after being charged for
a certain numbers of cycles.

• Always keep metal contacts on both charger and battery clean. If

cleaning is necessary, wipe the contact surfaces with a dry, soft and
clean cloth.