Lenmar Enterprises PowerPort Hub PPUHUB6 User Manual

Model ppuhub6

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The PowerPort Hub package includes:
- Universal tips for Motorola®, Blackberry®, iPhone®/iPod®, Samsung®,
LG®, Mini-USB and Micro-USB
- One Retractable USB / Universal cable
- PowerPort Hub Base Charger Unit
- International compatible AC adapter
- Built-in storage compartment with twist-off lid for easy access
- 3 Year Warranty

Caution and Maintenance:
• Please keep the PowerPort Hub and accessories out of the reach of
small children.
• Do not expose the Hub to high temperatures.
• Do not attempt to open the base as it will void warranty, no user serviceable
parts inside
• Use only the recommended power supply or power adapter.
• Do not modify or otherwise alter the unit.
• Dry use only. Keep away from water or moisture.
• PowerPort or the AC adapter may become warm during use.

1. Plug AC adapter cable into wall socket
2. Plug power cable into PowerPort Hub
3. The blue power indicator under the lid on the PowerPort Hub will illuminate to
show it is receiving power.

The PowerPort Hub has 2 different ways to connect your device. You can use any
one of the four built-in cables along with the proper universal tip for your device,
or you can use any available standard USB charge or USB charge/sync cable and
plug into either of the two built-in USB connectors (see Figure 1). The built-in
cables are stored neatly out of the way on the underside of the charger unit and
can be easily pulled out and extended away from the body of the unit for use
(see Figure 2). Similarly, when you are done charging and you want to return to a
clean uncluttered look, simply tuck the cable back into its slot on the underside of
the unit. All of the tips and cables you need can be stored under the lid of the
PowerPort Hub for easy access whenever you need them.



Charger Unit:

Input voltage: 8-16VDC

Output voltage: 5.3VDC

Output power per channel: 500-1000mAh

Total Power Output (max.): 3A

Safety Features: Short circuit, current limited

Outputs: 6 – USB power compatible (2 - USB “A” female / 4 – Univ. Cable , ø3.5 x 1.1mm, fem., 1.5” long)

Indicator: Power present – Blue LED

Dimensions: 109mm dia. x 46mm (4.3 x 1.8 in.)

Weight: 159g (5.6 oz.)

Operating Temperature: 0 – 30°C

Operating Humidity: 20% - 85% (non-condensing)

AC Adapter:

Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 12V/2.5A
Certification: UL, UL-C, CEC IV

Limited 2 Year Warranty

This limited warranty starts from the date of original purchase and expires three years thereafter. If, during this

period, any part, because of manufacturing defects or workmanship, fails to function properly under normal

use it will be repaired at no charge for parts and labor or, at our option, the product will be replaced. The

following is excluded: damages from delay or loss of use of equipment or damaged batteries, malfunctions

resulting from misuse, tampering, unauthorized repairs, modifications or accident.

Package the unit and its accessories carefully using ample padding material to prevent damage in transit and

ship it prepaid and insured to:


4035 Via Pescador

Camarillo, CA 93012 USA

When sending in product for service, your package should include evidence of date and place of purchase.

Enclose $10.00 for shipping and handling for addresses in the U.S. and $15.00 in Canada. For outside the U.S.

and Canada, freight will vary depending upon ship-to address.

Proposition 65 Notice (California)

The following statement is required in the state of California pursuant to the settlement of an action brought

by the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation against multiple electronics and appliance manufacturers

WARNING: Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the state of

California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

For additional questions, comments or to explore other Lenmar battery solutions, visit our web site at:

www.poweredbylenmar.com or call 805/384-9600 from 9AM - 5PM PST.


308-217-W r1





Owner’s Manual

Thank you for purchasing the PowerPort Hub Charging Station.

The PowerPort Hub is an attractive family charging station that is designed to
compliment any home’s décor and can charge up to 6 portable devices at one
time. Fully compatible with any device that can be recharged through a USB port,
it can recharge your iPhone®/iPod®, cell phone, Bluetooth headsets, PDA, portable
game, Lenmar’s PowerPort series batteries, some digital cameras and a lot more.
The PowerPort Hub has 2 built-in standard USB ports for use with cables you may
already have, plus 4 more built-in cable ends that accept Lenmar’s universal tips for
current devices and new devices in the future. When not in use, the extra tips and
cables can be kept in the PowerPort Hub’s convenient internal storage area
keeping the area tidy and free of clutter, plus the unused universal cable ends tuck
neatly under the unit and out of the way.


1. Choose the appropriate tip for the device to be charged and connect it to any of
the built-in Universal Cable ends or you can select your own USB cable and plug it
into either of the two standard USB sockets provided.
2. Connect your device to the appropriate cable and your device will indicate that
it is charging. You may connect and charge up to six devices to the PowerPort Hub
at one time. When using the PowerPort Hub to recharge your devices, the normal
charging instructions and charge times from your device will apply.

Note: Some devices, like many Nokia® phones, are not compatible with charging
from standard USB ports. These devices may require special cables or connectors
to adapt them for charging from a standard USB port. For these devices, Lenmar
may have the proper tip or cable available or you may need to refer to the
manufacturer to obtain the proper charge cable for your device.












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Fig. 2

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