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General Functions

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Call Forward

1. Dial 554 from your handset.

2..Select a forward option as per page 9. (Example: Select option 4, Busy/No Answer)

3. Select a destination such as # for the integral messaging card or an extension, hunt group
or Speed Dial.

4. If you have selected a valid option you will here confirmation tone.

5. To cancel the call forward button or dial 554, #

DDI Call Waiting

If enabled, you will be able to hear if you have a DDI call waiting whilst engaged in another
call as an audible tone will be presented to your telephone.

1. To speak to the waiting caller hang up to finish your current conversation, press the
button or park the existing caller.
2. You will then be connected to the waiting party.

Note: This feature must be enabled for you to use it. Speak to your system administrator if you
are not able to do what is described above.