Lenmar Enterprises Lenmar N-Verter NVC250 User Manual

Owner’s manual for n-verter models

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Owner’s Manual for N-Verter Models

NVC250 – 250 Watt

NVC450D – 450 Watt

Mobile DC - AC Power Inverter Units

Read Carefully and Completely Before Using

Efficient, Quiet and Portable

Compact Light Weight Design

Auto Low Battery Shutdown to Prevent Battery Damage

Lenmar offers innovative products for consumers and encourages the safe and proper use of each power accessory to
achieve the maximum performance of the product and the devices it powers. Read these instructions carefully to safely
use your new N-Verter product.

Lenmar’s N-Verter is an electronic device that converts low voltage DC (direct current) electricity from a battery to
110/120VAC (alternating current) standard household power. The AC output of this product is a modified sine wave with
a voltage of 110/120 volts. With your Lenmar N-Verter you can power your laptops, computerized games, cell phones,
camcorders, power tools, reading lamps, fans, and more.

Important: Before using your N-Verter, read and understand this owner’s guide. Save these instructions–this owner’s
guide contains important safety instructions.

Safe Operating Guidelines

WARNING! Shock hazard The N-Verter generates the same AC power as a normal household wall outlet.
Operate only in ventilated area away from flammables, flames and accumulating dangerous or explosive fumes
Do not expose unit to water, rain or snow
Always turn OFF unit by removing it from the DC cigarette lighter outlet when not in use
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (60-80°F or 15-25°C)
Do not insert foreign objects into the outlet.
Do not open the unit: no replaceable parts inside
Consult motor vehicle’s manual to determine cigarette lighter socket’s maximum power rating and fuse rating before
attempting use in vehicle.
Unit will not and should not operate heat-generating appliances such as hair-dryers, microwave ovens, electric blankets,
toasters, etc.
Compatible only with vehicles that have 12VDC Negative Ground electrical systems

Failure to follow the above may result in personal injury or damage to the N-Verter.

Special Features:

NVC450D – A versatile built-in digital display shows incoming voltage, output power level, and error codes so there is
no guessing required as to any problems that may occur. Also, comes with both cigarette lighter adapter cable for
convenience and usage below 300W, as well as clip-leads to attach direct to the battery terminals for higher power usage
from 300W up to the maximum.

Operating your N-Verter

The NVC250 comes with a cigarette lighter adapter cable only, and the NVC450D comes with both a cigarette lighter
adapter cable for powering devices under 300W, and a clip lead set for all loads up to 450W. According to your unit and
the power you will require, connect the appropriate cable to the power cable posts on the N-Verter as shown in figure-2.
Be sure to match the color of the cable ends to the color of the post (red to red and black to black) and make sure that
the post caps are screwed down tightly.

If you are using the cigarette lighter adapter, plug it into your vehicle’s 12VDC power socket. If you are using the clip leads
with the NVC450D, carefully attach them to the vehicle’s battery terminals, being very careful not to let the red clip lead
touch any metal other than the battery terminal, and also making sure to observe correct polarity (red to red, black to

DANGER! – Do not create a short circuit when working with your vehicle’s power system. Damage to your vehicle’s
internal electronics, explosion of the battery and personal injury may occur. NEVER test for the presence of power by
“sparking” or shorting two wires together.

After the power connection is made, if the unit’s status LED is not already green, momentarily press the power switch on
the unit and the LED will light up and turn quickly from red to green if power is present. The green LED indicates the
N-Verter is powered on and running with power available at the AC outlet(s).

Note: Many vehicles remove power from the cigarette lighter outlet when the ignition key is turned off!

Plug an AC device into the three-prong AC receptacle and then turn it on. Ensure your device draws less than the
continuous power rating of your N-Verter. The N-Verter’s internal cooling fan will come on for loads over 80W. To avoid
discharging the battery, always disconnect the N-Verter from power when not in use.

Using the Digital Display

(NVC450D only)

This model has a digital display which will give detailed information about the operating conditions of the unit such as
the input voltage of the N-Verter, the output wattage being demanded and if an error condition exists, the display will
show an error code that will specifically tell the problem that was encountered. When the status LED is green, the digital
display will continuously alternate between showing the input voltage and showing the output power level. When
showing the voltage the display will indicate “-U-“ followed by the measured voltage. Next, the display will show the
power output by indicating “-P-“ followed by the estimated power output, in Watts, from 30W to the maximum 450Watts.
Wattages below 30 Watts will indicate as “0”. If the device fluctuates in the amount of power that it uses over a given time,
then the displayed power output will vary with each cycle as well.

If the status LED is red, an error condition exists and a corresponding error code will appear on the digital display. See the
Troubleshooting section for the meanings of the error codes.

Attach the cables to the N-Verter unit, being

sure to match the red and black cable ends to

the appropriate color post.







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