Pioneer AL600 User Manual

Page 7

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There are 2 options on how to attach the strap hooks to the chair that are included with the lift.

Anchor Plate:

The Anchor Plate is a flat plate that is 20” long with 2 slots in each end. This plate

will work with any chair or scooter that has a center seat post that attaches to the bottom of the seat.
Attach the Anchor Plate by the following steps.

1. Remove the seat from the chair and turn it over.
2. Loosen the screws that attach the plate to the bottom of the seat. Allow enough room to slide the Anchor Plate

between the seat and the seat plate.

3. Attach the Anchor Plate in the center of the seat plate with the holes on each end extending evenly on each

side of the seat.

4. Retighten the screws that hold the seat plate to the bottom of the seat.
5. Replace the seat on the chair.

The Anchor Plate should extend about 1-1/2” out from the side of the seat cushion. This will allow the user to attach
the strap hooks to the Anchor Plate to secure the chair to the lift.

Anchor U-Bolts:

The U-Bolts are to be used with Power Chairs or Scooters that do not have a center seat post.

On this type of chair, the seat is normally attached to a tubular frame. Attach the U-Bolts, two on each side , to the
frame as shown below. Make sure that the loop extends to the outside of the chair to allow the strap hooks to be
attached by the end user.

Each type of chair will differ slightly and the placement of the U-bolts will differ between different models and manu-
facturers. Place the Anchor U-Bolts towards the center of the seat if possible. Because of the different types of
seats, you may be forced to attach the Anchor U-Bolts more towards the front or rear of the seat, but we recom-
mend attachment as close as possible to the center of the seat.

Preparing the Power Chair or Scooter for the Pioneer