Pentair OptiFlo User Manual

Optiflo, Reliability and versatility for aboveground pools, Aboveground pool pump

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Reliability and versatility for aboveground pools



Aboveground Pool Pump

By Pentair Pool Products




is the pump that’s specially designed to deliver dependable high-efficiency fl ow performance and

easy maintenance for aboveground pool owners. Our proprietary hydraulic design is extremely efficient
and delivers the ideal fl ow and pressure for aboveground pools. And we’ve packed OptiFlo with user-friendly
convenience features, such as see-thru lids for easy inspection, and large strainer baskets that minimize
the time you need to spend removing dirt and debris. And when you do need to access the basket, our
exclusive Cam and Ramp

lid comes off and locks back in place with a simple quarter-turn.

Large strainer basket extends time between cleanings.

See-thru lid permits easy inspection of strainer basket.

Cam and Ramp lid locks in place with a quarter-turn.

User-friendly drain plugs stand up to years of use.