Cleaning the unit, Outside of the scanner, Inside the scanner – Panasonic KV-S2065L User Manual

Page 36: Cleaning the rollers

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Cleaning the Unit

Outside of the scanner

Clean the unit at least once a month.


Turn the power off.


Clean the cover with a soft cloth.

The document insertion and exit slots get
dirty easily, so clean them.


Remove dirt and dust from the fan
exhaust vent with a brush.

Inside the scanner

• Clean the unit at least once a week or when 50,000 sheets have been scanned, whichever comes first.
• Clean the rollers, document sensors and double feed detection sensors if paper jamming or double feeding

occurs frequently.

• Clean the scanning section glass and sensor rollers when black or white lines appear on the scanned images.
• If the documents you are scanning are dirty, then the scanner parts will become dirty as well.

To maintain proper scanning, clean the scanner parts frequently.

Cleaning the rollers


Turn the power off.


Use your fingers to hold down the front
door release.
Then open the front door completely.

Front door

Front door release
(Inside the front door.)

: off position

Power switch

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