Before calling for service – Panasonic AKL4U2 User Manual

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NOTE: The following ARE NOT considered a malfunction:

1. Low level humming sound produced by circulating pump. This low level sound may

vary depending on ambient temperature and pump's duty cycle.

2. Dew formation on the outer cabinet.



Check Points

Appliance does not operate (no fan, no
light, no cooling action)

Cooling performance unsatisfactory

Make sure that AC cord is not damaged
and is plugged into an active power outlet.

Excessive amount of food in the cavity
Hot or warm food in the cavity
Restricted air flow (poor ventilation)
Direct sun light or other sources of heat
Door being open too frequently

Dew formation

Door not closed completely
Hot items in the cavity
Door being open too frequently

Noisy operation

Positioned on uneven surface, wobbling

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