Netopia 3-D REACH 6180088-00-01 User Manual

Netopia wlan utility screens, Netopia, D reach™ wireless usb adapter installation

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For Microsoft Windows


Insert the CD and double-click the Setup icon to load the driver for the

Netopia 3-D Reach Wireless USB Adapter.

When the installation is complete, a

new Wireless communication icon will

appear in your system tray in the Win-

dows toolbar.


Click the Wireless icon to start the Netopia WLAN Utility.


“Netopia WLAN Utility Screens”



The Netopia WLAN Utility is not installed on Windows XP. Windows XP users

should use the Windows XP operating system automatic wireless network configura-

tion feature to configure the wireless connection.


Connect the Netopia Wireless USB Adapter to any available USB port on

your PC.


The USB Adapter should be immediately recognized. If necessary, you can

use the Netopia WLAN Utility to configure and monitor your wireless con-


You can enable Wireless Security on your Wireless network by using the

security features of your USB Adapter in conjunction with your Netopia
Wireless Gateway. (See

“Wireless Security Password Setting”


Package Contents

Install the Netopia Wireless Driver

Install the Netopia Wireless USB Adapter

CD & Quickstart

Netopia 3-D Reach
USB Adapter

Netopia WLAN Utility Screens

Connection Status


Connection Status: Tells the
name of the wireless network cur-
rently in use.

Link Speed: Displays the speed
of the current wireless link in bps.

Signal Strength: Graphical dis-
play of the signal strength on the
current connection to the Access


Sent (TX) bps: Data transmission
rate (upstream) in bps.

Received (Rx) bps: Data recep-
tion rate (downstream) in bps.

Current Connection Status


Allows you to view detailed infor-
mation for your wireless connec-
tion. When you click this button,


“Current Connection Status”

screen appears.

Current Connection Status

Adapter Information

Adapter Name: Name of the wire-
less USB adapter to which the
driver is bound.

Station Address: MAC (hardware)
address of this USB adapter.

Internet Protocol (ser ved to this PC by
the Wireless Access Point/Gateway)

IP Address: IP Address currently
being ser ved to this PC.

Subnet Mask: IP subnet mask for
this PC.

Default Gateway: IP Address of
the router/gateway for this wire-
less LAN.

DNS Server: DNS ser ver address
for this wireless LAN.

Connection Information

Link Status: Connected to (MAC Address of the Access Point).

Network Mode: Ad Hoc (peer-to-peer) or Infrastructure (network).

Network ID (SSID): Workgroup name or ID of this wireless LAN.

Encryption: Wireless encr yption Enabled or Disabled on your network.

Power Mode: Continuos Access, Maximum Power Saving, or Fast Power Saving.

Channel/Frequency: (1 through 11) on which the network is broadcasting.

Available Networks:

Wireless Network Name: Net-
work to which you are currently

Network Operating Mode: Auto-
matic, Device-to-device, or Base
Station Mode.

Available Networks: Scans for
available wireless networks within
range. If you select a different
one, click the


button. To

scan for others as you change
location, click the



Wireless Security Password Setting

Automatic Wireless Security Password: Leave this box unchecked if you are
using a Netopia Wireless Gateway.

Password key: Transfer the Encr yption key from your Netopia Wireless Gateway
to this field. Once you do this the following fields will automatically adjust to your
entr y.

Key Format: ASCII Characters or Hexadecimal digits.

Key Length: 40 bits (5 characters or 10 hex digits; 104 bits (13 characters or 26
hex digits)

Key Index: This should be the same key index as that used in your Netopia Wire-
less Gateway.

Click the








3-D Reach™ Wireless

USB Adapter Installation