Nagra V User Manual

Nagra v, 24 bit linear location recorder

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24 bit Linear Location Recorder


2 channels (24 bit, 96 kHz AD / DA)
Post-production compatible (BWF files)
SMPTE Time Code
Affordable medium (2.5” Hard drive disk)
Built-in matrix and MS decoder

Pre-recording buffer
LCD display


The NAGRA V is designed as the successor to the NAGRA IVS-TC and a replacement for R-DAT. NAGRA V
is a light, compact and reliable recorder manufactured to suit on-the-shoulder / on-location engineer needs. Its
high quality also makes it a good alternative for music recordings.

Recording Medium

The removable 2.5” hard drive allows more than 20 hours of 48 kHz 24-bit recording (for a 20 GB, price around
100 €). The hard drive drawer can simply be connected to a PC or a Mac using: USB2 / PCMCIA / Firewire
adapter. They also can be plugged into a 3.5” IDE bay. Transfer is made easy, fast and at an affordable price.

Broadcast Wave Format

BWF is a Wav file that includes information such as Time Code. BWF is norma lized by the EBU (European
Broadcast Union) and recommended by the AES31 (AES 31-3-1999).
While BWF is recognized by both PC and Mac as a standard WAV a professional software and workstation will
see the TC related information (compatible with: AATON Indaw ver 6 under NT, Digidesign Protools since
version 5, Merging Technologies Pyramix, Fairlight MFX and QDC, Sadie). For more information, please
download our Nagra V post-production document “Nagra V post”.

Time Code option

The TC option (Order # 70 31120 000) offers both a synchronizer and a generator. Fully SMPTE compatible, it
includes all current frame rates. The TC card can be installed at any time by a Nagra certified technician.

Special features

M/S decoder

Available on the headphone as well as the analogue outputs


Optional limiter board on microphone preamplifier (Order # 70 31113 000)


On the AES output, dithering from 24 to 16 bits for back-up on a DAT or a CD recorder


User programmable up to 20 sec

Camera return

Stereo monitoring on a ¼” jack plug


Order # 70 31001 000