Nikon F3 User Manual

Tips on camera care

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Camera care is common sense care. Treat your F3 High-Eyepoint camera as you would treat other
valuable precision instruments. Even though the F3 High-Eyepoint camera is built to take many years
of hard use, it may be damaged by shock, heat, water, or misuse. Following are some tips to help
you keep your camera in good condition.

1. Keep the lens clean.

Keep the lens surfaces free of fingerprints and dust as much as possible. Remove dust with a blower
brush or lens tissue. Never use cloth or ordinary tissue. If smudges or fingerprints persist, use lens
tissue moistened sparingly with alcohol or lens cleaner.


Use of a spray-gun type blower to clean the lens may cause possible damage to the glass

(especially when ED glass is used for the front lens element) by suddenly lowering the temperature
on the lens surface. To avoid damage, hold the glower upright, keep its nozzle more than 30cm away
from the lens surface and move the nozzle around so that the stream of air is not concentrated in one

2. Clean the inside of the camera.

Brush out the inside of the camera periodically using a soft brush. Do not exert pressure on the
shuter curtains as this may damage them. Also keep the mirror free from fingerprints and dust.