Northern Industrial Tools M1107C User Manual

Owner’s manual, M1107e

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Owner’s Manual

Instructions for Assembly, Testing, Operation, Servicing, &


20 Ton Log Splitter: Outdoor hydraulic powered machine that

splits wood logs.


READ and UNDERSTAND this manual completely before using log splitter.

All operators of this equipment must read and completely understand all safety information, operating instructions,
maintenance and storage instructions. Failure to properly operate and maintain the log splitter could result in serious
injury to the operator and bystanders from moving parts that can crush or cut, flying objects, burns, fire or explosion,
escaping high pressure hydraulic fluid, or carbon monoxide poisoning in particular, be aware of the following hazards.

Crush and Cut Hazards

Moving parts can crush and cut hands and fingers. Keep hands clear of endplate, wedge, and logs while splitting.

High Pressure Hydraulic Fluid Hazards

High fluid pressures and temperatures are developed in hydraulic Log splitters. Hydraulic fluid escaping through even
a pin-size hole opening can puncture skin and cause severe blood poisoning. Inspect hydraulic system regularly for
possible leaks. Never check for leaks with your hand while the system is pressurized. Seek medical attention
immediately if injured by escaping fluid.

Fire Hazards

• If your log splitter is intended for use near and ignitable forest, brush, or grassy covered land, the engine exhaust

should be equipped with a spark arrestor. See the “Specifications” section of this manual to determine if your
splitter is equipped already has a spark arrestor. If not equipped, call NorthStar Product Support for ordering

Keep a fire extinguisher with you, that is rated for ordinary combustibles and flammable liquids.


ADD OIL TO ENGINE BEFORE USING: Engine is shipped without oil. DO NOT start log splitter without first adding oil.
VERIFY HYDRAULIC OIL LEVEL: Hydraulic reservoir is shipped with oil. Verify oil level is 1” from top before using.
INSPECT COMPONENTS: Closely inspect to make sure no components are missing or damaged.
See “Initial Unpacking and Setup” section for instructions and whom to contact to report missing or damaged parts.

Any Questions, Comments, Problems or Parts Orders

Call NorthStar Product Support 1-800-270-0810