Nagra Ares-M Audio Recorder User Manual

Nagra ares-m

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Clip-on stereo AND built-in mono microphone

Linear PCM and MPEG 1 Layer II compressed
recording formats

On-board audio editor

Simple operation

Multi purpose USB port

Comes complete with holster carrying case,
Stereo plug-on microphone with windshield,
Mono dynamic microphone cable, mini USB
cable, AC power supply including EU / UK /
US adapters and batteries.

Ultra-miniature digital hand-held recorder.

Designed for high quality audio recordings in the most hostile environments.
Clearly indicated and well laid-out keys make simple one-handed operation easy.

Packed with features, and totally menu driven the ARES-M offers state-of-the-art
technology in a reliable format.

Including a built in 1 GB memory, the ARES-M offers up to 72 hours of
recording time.

Ideal for journalists, lawyers, businessmen, sports reporters or any other
occupation where simple high quality audio is needed.

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