National Instruments NI PXI-1042 Series User Manual

Ni pxi-1042 series power supply shuttle, Introduction, Unpacking

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NI PXI-1042 Series
Power Supply Shuttle

The NI PXI-1042 Series power supply shuttle is a replacement part for the
NI PXI-1042 Series chassis.


To minimize downtime caused by a power-supply failure, the
NI PXI-1042 Series chassis has a modular power supply shuttle. This
power supply shuttle includes the chassis power supply, cooling fans, and
fan-control circuitry. Key features of the power supply shuttle include:

Universal AC input with automatic voltage and frequency ranging

Over-current protection via push-reset circuit breaker

Remote power monitoring and inhibit via a rear-panel connector

Temperature-sensing module that can adjust fan speed based on
air-intake temperature to minimize audible noise

Circuitry to control a front-panel LED that indicates power supply


Carefully inspect the shipping container and the power supply shuttle for
damage. Check for visible damage to the metal work. Check to make sure
all handles, hardware, and switches are undamaged. Visually inspect the
inside of the shuttle for any possible damage, debris, or detached
components. If damage appears to have been caused during shipment, file
a claim with the carrier. Retain the packing material for possible inspection
and/or reshipment.