Net Optics OC-3 User Manual

Oc-3 2x1 regeneration tap, Passive, secure technology, Ease of use

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Net Optics 2x1 OC-3 Regeneration Taps solve the key physical layer challenges of
multi-device monitoring for OC-3 networks. For a complete picture of network
health, these Taps connect two different network management and security
devices at any single OC-3 network location.

Keep your intrusion detection and prevention systems, protocol analyzers, RMON
probes, and other security devices productive with a single Regeneration Tap.
Maximize resources and save on access points when multiple devices can monitor
link traffic simultaneously through a single Regeneration Tap. Secure, passive
access for multiple devices simply means a better return on monitoring

Without an IP address, monitoring devices are isolated from the network,
dramatically reducing their exposure to attacks. However, the monitoring device
connected to the Tap still sees all full-duplex traffic as if it were in-line, including
Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors.

Passive, Secure Technology

• Enables real-time, simultaneous monitoring of a single OC-3 link with two
monitoring devices
• Supports passive monitoring at 155 Mbps
• No IP address is needed for the Tap or monitoring device, enhancing monitoring

Ease of Use

• LED indicators show redundant power, speed, link, and activity status
• Front-mounted connectors support easy installation and operation
• Connectors are perfectly angled to reduce cable strain
• Silk-screened application diagram illustrates all connections for easy deployment
• Optional custom monitoring cables support easy full-duplex monitoring by
sending each side of the signal to a separate monitoring device NIC
• Tested and compatible with all major manufacturers’ monitoring devices,
including protocol analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection/prevention systems

OC-3 2x1 Regeneration Tap

Technical Specifications:


Operating Temperature:

0ºC to 55ºC

Storage Temperature:

-10ºC to 70ºC

Relative Humidity:

10% min, 95% max, non-condensing


Power Supply:

Input: 100-240VAC, 0.5A, 47-63Hz


1.75” high x 10.5” deep x 17” wide


Split Ratio:


Fiber Type:

Multimode Corning 62.5µm, wavelength 1300nm

Insertion Loss:

Network Port: 4.5 dB, Monitoring Port: 4.5 dB max

Fiber Type:

Singlemode Corning 8.5µm, wavelength 1310nm

Insertion Loss:

Network Port: 3.7 dB, Monitoring Port: 3.7 dB max

Fiber Optic Interface:


Class I, eye-safe, laser emitter type. These Class I Lasers

conform to the applicable requirements per US 21 CFR (J) and EN
60825-1, also UL 1950 applications.

Optical Transmitter Wave Length:

1300nm nominal

Output Power:

-19 dB min, -14 dB max

Optical Receiver Input Sensitivity:

-14 dB min, -31 dB max

Optical Transmitter Wave Length:

1310nm nominal

Output Power:

-15 dB min, -8 dB max

Optical Receiver Input Sensitivity:

-31 dB max


Monitoring Ports:

(2) Duplex SC connectors

Network Ports:

(2) Duplex SC connectors


Fully RoHS compliant

Part Number



OC-3 2x1 MM Regeneration Tap


OC-3 2x1 SM Regeneration Tap

*Also available in 4x1 and 2x1 models. All products include a 1

year manufacturer’s warranty. An additional 1 or 2 year extended

warranty may also be purchased.