Nexstar NST-210S2-BK User Manual

User’s manual, Specifications, Features

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2.System Requlrements


5-2 Insert the hard drive caddy back into the NexStar TX housing as the picture
below. Be sure to align the caddy with the guides within the housing.

User’s Manual

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Vantec® introduces its NexStar® TX 2.5" External Hard Drive Enclosure. Ideal for anyone in
need of portable storage, the NexStar® TX’s slim pocket design makes it a convenient way
to carry your data. The NexStar® TX turns any SATA 2.5" Hard Drive into a convenient hard
drive that can be used on any system with a USB port. In addition, the aluminum casing
protects the drive from overheating and vibration. The NexStar® TX supports USB 1.1 and
USB 2.0 to offer fast transfer speeds of up to 480MBPS. The Vantec® NexStar® TX 2.5" External
Hard Drive Enclosure is great for anyone who requires a high performance, lightweight, and
durable portable storage solution.

Intel Pentium II 350 MHz Compatible or Mac G3 Processor & Greater
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS 8.6 & Greater
USB-Equipped System
For USB 2.0 Speeds, the System Must Support USB 2.0 Specifications





5-1 Connect the 2.5” hard drive to the SATA/Power connector.


5-3 Secure the caddy to the housing using the screws provided.


6. Warranty


4.Parts Layout

SATA/Power Connector

LED Light

Device Support:SATA I/II Hard Drive
Device Size:2.5”
Internal Interface:SATA
External Interface:USB 2.0
HD Capacity:Up to 500GB*
Dimension:130 x 73 x 14mm


Aluminum Casing Cools Down Your Hard Drive.
Transfer Rates Up to 480Mbps w/USB 2.0.
Easily Add Storage to Any System with USB.
Hot-Swappable: Plug & Play Without Rebooting.
Power & HDD Activity Light.


2.5” NexStar


TX Enclosure

USB Y-Cable
User’s Manual
Installation Screws
Carrying Pouch

Package Includes:

NexStar TX External 2.5” HDD Enclosure

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43951 Boscell Rd.

Fremont, CA 94538

tel: 510-668-0368

fax: 510-668-0367


The NexStar® TX comes with a 1 year limited warranty (90 day parts). If your unit
become defective within that time frame, please go to for
information on how to receive warranty exchange or repair. Cosmetic defects and
missing parts are not covered under this warranty. Please check the contents of the unit
to make sure you received all parts.Also,check for any cosmetic flaws. If any parts are
missing or if there are cosmetic defects, Please contact the retailer from which you
purchased the unit immediately and ask for a replacement.

*HD Capacity is subject to change. Please check our website for most updated HD Capacity.