Nuvo Net Adapter User Manual

Nuvo Hardware

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In Control: The NuVoNet Adapter

NuVo has always put you in control of your whole home audio distribution. Now, NuVo

puts you in control of your home automation systems too.

Introducing the NuVoNet Adapter.

The NuVoNet Adapter (NNA) enables seamless integration and optimal fl exibility with

third party connectivity partners, making control of security, lighting, and much more a


The NNA features simple ASCII-based communication protocol, and lets the user

conveniently set and access all their home automation scenes through the Concerto or

Essentia (E6G) Control Pads.

And with the ability to convert third party audio inputs to NuVoNet sources, the

NuVoNet Adapter is your bridge to complete home integration, and even greater

installation possibilities.

Control never sounded so easy!


Caution: NuVo may cause spontaneous dancing.