Netflix REQUEST IMC 1.1.0 User Manual

Page 15

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Q. What Netflix plan should I subscribe to?

A. As of July 2009, any of the Netflix “Unlimited” plans include unlimited Watch Instantly service. The

limited plans, generally the $4.99 or trial subscriptions, include 2 hours or less Watch Instantly time.

Q. How many IMCs can stream from the same Netflix account?

A. Depending on your Unlimited DVD subscription level, you are allowed to have the same number of

simultaneous streams. For example, if you have the “Unlimited DVD – 2 at a time plan” you can watch 2

streams at the same time. The ReQuest IMC and your personal computer(s) are included in the total

number. If you have 5 IMCs, you are not required to have the “5 at a time plan” unless you want to use

Netflix Watch Instantly from all 5 IMCs at the same time.

Q. Are Netflix Watch Instantly movies in HD?

A. Netflix delivers the movies via an embedded movie player. This player incorporates many pieces of

Internet technology to bring the highest possible picture quality for the Internet bandwidth you have.

The quality of the video stream is determined by Netflix’s own, internal calculations.

Q. My Netflix movies are jumpy and stuttering. What is wrong?

A. Most likely, you do not have sufficient Internet bandwidth to deliver the Watch Instantly service at

the resolution you have selected. Try bringing the IMC down to 720p (if you are at 1080i/p). You may

also want to experiment from a personal computer or laptop since the player is identical to the one on

the Netflix Watch Instantly website.

Q. Netflix isn’t appearing on my IMC Video screen or in the Settings.

A. Make sure the following criteria have been met: