Northern Industrial Tools M1578112A User Manual

Owner’s manual, Pressure washer, Warning

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Owner’s Manual

Pressure Washer:

Machine that cleans dirty

surfaces with high pressure water.

Any Questions, Comments, Problems or Parts Orders

Call NorthStar Product Support 1-800-270-0810

Engine is shipped without oil.

- Before starting engine, fill engine oil.
- See engine manual for engine oil requirements.

Pump is shipped with oil.

- Remove shipping plug and install vented fill cap. (Comet Pumps)
- Remove shipping tape from pump oil fill cap. (Cat Pumps)
- See pump oil cap section of this manual.

Closely inspect all components.

-If you have damaged components then: Contact the freight company that
delivered the unit and file a claim.
-If you have missing components then: Contact Customer Service at


Read this manual.

Serious injury or death can result if safety instructions are not followed.


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