Operating advantages – Nortec Industries MES Series User Manual

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Precise control

MES installations handle the most demanding
challenges. Each unit is controlled by its
own integral electronics. Just preset your
humidification requirements.


Unlike older systems that are often difficult and
costly to maintain, the MES electrode steam
system produces pure, uncontaminated moisture
to protect sensitive equipment and the people
using it. There are no heating elements to get
coated with mineral deposits and sludge.

Any water-borne impurities are removed at the
electrodes and deposited in a replaceable cylinder
where they are periodically flushed out through
the automatic cylinder drain. Solid mineral
scale sinks to the bottom of the cylinder which,
when filled with residue, is easily discarded and

Installation Flexibility

MES Series humidifiers offer unprecedented
installation flexibility. They can be configured for
both small and large systems and are ideal in
computer room and specialty air handling systems.

Steam distribution is easily accomplished through
the air handler duct system.

operating advantages