Network Instruments Advanced Probe Switch User Manual

Advanced probe appliance

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Advanced Probe Appliance

For 10/100/1000 Networks

Obtain Total Network Intelligence with Fully Configured, Turn-Key Appliances

As corporate networks continue to grow to support multiple departments, locations, business functions and remote users, robust remote monitoring solutions
become crucial. Remote probes have changed the way IT departments are structured. Today, with a console and remote probes, an IT manager can proactively
monitor, troubleshoot and respond to any network problem from any location. Network Instruments’ probes offer complete insight and visibility into every part of
an organization’s business-critical IT infrastructure. Choose from a variety of pre-configured 1U rack mount systems for an easy, cost-effective way to monitor any
part of the network.

Use the Advanced Probe Appliance for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting:
• Capture and decode packets for in-depth analysis
• Collect long-term trending statistics for proactive decision making
• Run Triggers and Alarms for instant alerts on probe-collected data
• Monitor the entire network from a single user interface—only one console needed to view multiple probes
• Reduce expenses by eliminating travel and resolving multiple, remote network issues from one location
• Reduce training by using one solution to monitor all topologies and network configurations
• Works with Observer®, Expert Observer, or Observer Suite consoles


Probe Appliance

Observer Console

Local Network

Remote Network





Probe Appliance


Install the Advanced Probe
Appliance on any switch on your
local or remote network. Connect
a single Observer console to the
probe via TCP/IP to monitor and
troubleshoot all traffic.

Whether your network stretches across
the building or across the globe, Network
Instruments’ probe appliances have it covered.