NuForce AVP-16 User Manual

Nuforce avp-16, The gift of simplicity

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NuForce AVP-16

Multichannel Controller

The Gift of Simplicity

latest and greatest video processing op-
tions, or with elaborate custom installa-
tion-oriented features. On the contrary,
this controller turns back-to-basics
engineering into some-
thing of an art form.

Keeping It Simple

The AVP-16 provides
simple and effective
pass-through switching
for composite, S-video
and component video signals but pro-
vides no video upconversion or format
transcoding features of any kind. This
means all incoming video signals remain
in their original formats as they pass
through the controller. When using the
AVP-16 with source components that
output video signals in multiple formats

at once, the game plan is to select the
source component first, and then to use
the AVP-16’s video input switches to
choose which sets of video input you

want to use. You might think this sort of
manual switching would be a pain, but
in fact it is literally child’s play. My kids
had the AVP-16’s operational protocols
figured out in a matter of minutes with
zero instruction from dad. Works for me.

On the audio side, the AVP-16 is a

straightforward solid-state 7.1-channel
analog preamp, with single-ended (RCA
jack-equipped) outputs for all channels
and a set of balanced (XLR-type) outputs


here’s an old hymn that
proclaims “’Tis a gift
to be simple” and that
line fits the personality

of NuForce’s AVP-16 7.1-channel
A/V controller to a “T.” Where many
controllers tout auto-this, micropro-
cessor-controlled that, and HDMI-
equipped everything, the afford-
able AVP-16 is headed in the other
direction with one main objective
in mind: namely, achieving superb
sound quality—especially for high-
resolution multichannel music—for

the least amount of money. To grasp
what the $995 AVP-16 is about,
picture it as a high-performance
7.1-channel analog audio preampli-
fier that provides just enough basic
surround sound decoding and video-
switching functionality to serve as a
solid A/V controller. What the AVP-
16 is not is a features-rich controller
equipped (or, depending upon your
point of view, burdened) with the

Solid-state preamps sometimes have a cold, sterile
quality that distances listeners from the music, but the
AVP-16 does not. Instead, it offers a delightful combi-
nation of clarity and natural, organic warmth.



TPV | March 2007