Important safe guards (continued), Pre-use preparation and assembly – Nostalgia Electrics MARGARITA MANIA MMA-600 User Manual

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Blades are sharp. Handle carefully.

Install the blender pitcher onto blender base (do not reach hands inside of
blender as the blades are sharp).

To reduce the risk of injury, never place blending blades on base without pitcher
properly attached.

Clean all parts of the Margarita Mania™ prior to use.

Always operate Margarita Mania™ with ice compartment lid in place.

Check the ice shaving chamber for presence of foreign objects before using.

The appliance manufacturer does not recommend the use of accessory
attachments. This will risk injuries.

Never place fingers or other utensils into feed or discharge areas.

The cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the table or counter top
in such a way where it can be pulled on by children. This should also reduce the
risk resulting from becoming entangled or tripping.

Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.

Before plugging your unit into the main electrical supply, make sure the voltage
corresponds to that indicated on the maker’s nameplate.

DO NOT attempt to move the MARGARITA MANIA™ while the unit is in

Do not use this appliance for other than intended use.

A unit that is plugged into an outlet should not be left unattended.

Check the Ice shaving chamber for presence of foreign objects prior to use.

This is not a commercial unit. Do not leave unit running for more than 3 minutes
at a time.

Make sure the glass pitcher with blender base is properly attached before
inserting into MARGARITA MANIA™ base unit.


Prepare for first use by thoroughly washing the clear glass pitcher and lid, blending blade,
and base, ice tray, clear ice cover and water reservoir in warm sudsy water and
thoroughly dry.

DO NOT put the motor base in water. To clean motor base when needed, using a damp
cloth to wipe exterior should be sufficient, followed by drying with a clean dry towel.
(See Parts Breakdown on page 3).


Check the blending base of the glass pitcher to confirm the mixing blade and rubber
washer are in place and the base has been properly attached.


Set the pitcher lid on the mouth of the pitcher. NOTE: The ice shaving chute goes
up and down to allow for the insertion of the pitcher. Tip the pitcher slightly as you
insert the mouth of the pitcher under the ice shaving chute, pushing upward and
simultaneously set the pitcher base onto the blending gear. (See Breakdown
illustration on page 3)


To remove the clear ice cover, push in the two large tabs located on one side of the
clear lid while you lift the cover out. This allows the two extruding tabs to back out of
their receptor holes in the ice tray. (See photo illustration C, on page 4)